Detroit Pistons Team Colors

The Detroit Pistons have proudly displayed their signature team colors of royal blue, red, gray, and navy blue since moving to Detroit in 1957. The timeless, versatile palette represents the spirit and work ethic of Motor City. Royal blue serves as the Pistons’ primary jersey color, exuding grandeur, excellence and determination. Accents of bold red add vibrancy and power, representing the burning competitive energy within every player. Cool gray perfectly complements as a neutral tone. Navy blue features as an alternate color with a rich, professional vibe. Together, this color scheme provides a refined, elegant look. The clean styling allows the Pistons’ talent and skill to shine through. These iconic team colors have endured through generations, coming to symbolize the franchise’s championship pedigree and blue-collar, hardworking culture. Every time the Pistons take the court in their royal blue and red, they bring the heart and hustle of Detroit with them. The colors unite fans across the city in a tradition of devoted pride and persistence.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Royal Blue #1d428a 29 66 138 100 78 0 18 PMS 7687 C
Red #c8102e 200 16 46 2 100 85 6 PMS 186 C
Gray #bec0c2 181 179 179 30 25 25 0 PMS Cool Gray 5 C
Navy Blue #002d62 0 45 98 100 68 0 54 PMS 282 C

The Detroit Pistons logo has changed a lot since they started in the 1940s. Originally, they had a character made of pistons in their logo. After moving to Detroit, they focused more on basketball in their logos.

The most famous logo they had started in 1979, with a basketball and the team’s name. In 2017, they updated this logo to make it look more modern. Their colors have always been red, white, and blue, like the American flag.

The logo is not just about the team; it’s also about Detroit’s history with cars and basketball. The Pistons keep their past in mind while also looking to the future.

Pistons Logo 1 Pistons Logo 2