Boston Celtics Team Colors

The Boston Celtics stand as a proud pillar of the NBA, their colors and symbols steeped in deep meaning. The team’s green and white, with just a touch of gold, are more than mere decoration. The green echoes the pride of Boston’s Irish community and the idea of continuous growth and ambition, much like the city itself. White represents unity and integrity, key ingredients to the team’s approach to the game. The gold, used sparingly, is a nod to the many triumphs and high standards the Celtics have set over the years.

Even their mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, is more than a character; he embodies the Celtics’ spirit, a playful yet fierce competitor, and links to Irish traditions. These symbols are a banner under which both team and fans rally, encapsulating the Celtics’ glorious past and their commitment to always aim for victory.

Color Name Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Celtics Green #008348 0 131 72 100 0 91 27 PMS 356 C
Black #000000 6 25 34 30 0 0 100 PMS Black C
Gold #BB9753 187 151 83 30 40 80 0 PMS 874 C
Brown #A73832 167 56 50 40 95 100 0 PMS 174 C
Beige #FAB383 250 179 131 0 35 50 0 PMS 472 C

Boston Celtics Logo: PNG and JPEG

The iconic Boston Celtics logos symbolize a rich history of basketball excellence and team spirit. The primary logo features a leprechaun named Lucky, spinning a basketball and leaning on a shillelagh, encapsulated within a green circle with the team name in bold white letters. This emblem, rich in Irish tradition and reflective of Boston’s heritage, has come to represent the Celtics’ legacy in the NBA.

The logo’s evolution over the years has maintained key elements, making it one of the most recognizable symbols in sports. For fans and enthusiasts looking to incorporate the Celtics’ emblem in their projects or collections, we offer high-quality downloads in both PNG and JPEG formats. The PNG version is perfect for those who need a logo with a transparent background for versatility, while the JPEG is ideal for straightforward use in various applications.

Boston Celtics Jerseys

This is a white Boston Celtics basketball jersey with green accents. The front features the arched, capitalized team name “BOSTON” in green with a black outline, above the player’s number “0” in the same color scheme. The back displays the player’s name in block letters above the same large number “0.” Both the name and number fonts are sans-serif, giving them a modern look.

The sides have a unique light brown or tan stripe pattern that resembles a wood design. The Nike swoosh on the chest and the NBA logo on the back are also in green. The jersey reflects the classic Celtics color palette and has a clean, contemporary design.