New York Knicks Team Colors

The New York Knicks, an esteemed NBA team based in New York City, boast a striking color palette that includes Blue, Orange, Silver, and Black. These colors not only represent the team’s identity but also symbolize its vibrant history and the spirit of New York.

The Knicks’ colors are seen across their uniforms, logos, and promotional materials, creating a strong visual identity. Blue stands for confidence and reliability, Orange for energy and enthusiasm, Silver for sophistication and modernity, and Black for strength and discipline. Together, these colors reflect the team’s dynamic presence and commitment to excellence in the basketball world.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Blue #006bb6 0 107 182 100 56 0 0 PMS 293 C
Orange #f58426 245 132 38 0 59 96 0 PMS 165 C
Silver #bec0c2 190 192 194 0 0 0 29 PMS Cool Gray 5 C
Black #000000 35 31 32 30 0 0 100 PMS Black C

The New York Knicks logo, a distinctive emblem in the basketball world, encapsulates the essence and spirit of New York City. It prominently features the team’s iconic colors, with the basketball symbolizing the sport’s dynamism and the interlocking “NYK” representing the team’s deep connection to New York. Over the years, the logo has evolved, yet it remains a powerful symbol of the Knicks’ legacy and their aspiration to be at the forefront of the NBA. Through its design, the logo conveys the energy and fight synonymous with the city it represents, making it instantly recognizable to fans around the globe.