San Antonio Spurs Team Colors

The San Antonio Spurs, an esteemed NBA franchise based in San Antonio, Texas, boast a simple yet powerful color palette of Black and Silver. These colors reflect the team’s focus on fundamental basketball, professionalism, and a no-nonsense approach to the game.

The Spurs’ Black and Silver are not just team colors; they’re a statement of the franchise’s identity—elegance, strength, and a commitment to excellence. This distinctive combination is displayed across their uniforms, logo, and merchandise, creating a strong visual brand that is recognized by basketball fans around the globe.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Black #000000 6 25 34 30 0 0 100 PMS Black C
Silver #c4ced4 196 206 212 5 0 0 20 PMS 877 C

The San Antonio Spurs logo is a masterclass in simplicity and impact. The iconic spur symbolizes the team’s name and the cowboy culture of Texas, embodying the spirit of determination and resilience. The logo’s sleek design, utilizing the team’s Black and Silver colors, conveys a modern, powerful identity. Over the years, while the Spurs’ logo has evolved, it has always stayed true to its roots, representing the team’s steadfast focus on excellence and their enduring connection to the San Antonio community.