Charlotte Hornets Team Colors

Bursting with vibrancy, the Charlotte Hornets’ team colors of teal, dark purple and gray reflect the buzzing excitement and energy of the franchise. Ever since the original Hornets debuted in 1988, fans have embraced the unique color palette, which pops against the backdrop of other NBA teams’ uniforms. The rich dark purple conjures images of majesty and magic, fitting for a team named after the regal hornet. Teal provides a cool contrast as a dynamic secondary color not often seen on the court. Gray adds a refined complement to the bolder tones. Alternate black jerseys bring fierce style as well. The dark purple and teal home uniforms lined with pinstripes create a timeless, classic look ready for the spotlight. These lively colors mirror the electrifying play and vivacious spirit of Charlotte basketball. The Hornets’ vibrant team colors engage fans, rally their city, and give the franchise an iconic, unforgettable identity.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Teal #00788c 0 120 140 100 36 38 7 PMS 3145 C
Dark Purple #1d1160 29 17 96 96 98 38 44 PMS 275 C
Gray #a1a1a4 161 161 164 0 1 0 43 PMS Cool Gray 8 C

The Charlotte Hornets logo is characterized by a fierce-looking hornet with its wings spread, positioned in front of the team’s name. This design is meant to symbolize athleticism, speed, fearlessness, and excellent skills, akin to the qualities of a hornet and a top-tier basketball player. The history of the team and its logos is intertwined with the city of Charlotte’s history, where a hornet’s nest symbolized resistance during the Revolutionary War. The team’s colors are Hornets purple, teal, and gray, which are also reflected in their logos. The current logo represents a return to the original “Hornets” name after the team was known as the “Charlotte Bobcats” for a period following its reestablishment in 2004. The logo’s design elements and colors have changed over the years, but the hornet and the colors purple and teal have been a consistent theme.

Hornets Logo 2 Hornets Logo 1