Denver Nuggets Team Colors

The Denver Nuggets burst onto the NBA scene in 1976 with a colorful, dynamic team identity embodied by their signature midnight blue, sunshine yellow, flatirons red, and skyline blue uniforms. The Nuggets’ primary midnight blue jerseys provide a powerful, professional base. Vibrant sunshine yellow trim adds an energetic flair, representing the beaming sunshine Colorado is known for. Flatirons red, named after the iconic rock formations in Boulder, adds a bold, rocky mountain vibe. Skyline blue is a lighter accent commemorating Denver’s urban landscape. Together, this fresh color combination mirrors the Nuggets’ high-flying, uptempo style of play. The interlocking gold and midnight blue logo featuring a miner’s pickaxe is also an iconic Denver image. Through the years, the team has introduced alternate black and white jerseys. But the original midnight blue, sunshine yellow, flatirons red, and skyline blue palette remains the definitive Nuggets uniform. These colors spotlight the franchise’s mile-high pride and electrifying spirit.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Midnight Blue #0e2240 13 34 64 98 64 46 54 PMS 289 C
Sunshine Yellow #fec524 255 198 39 0 24 91 0 PMS 123 C
Flatirons Red #8b2131 139 35 50 29 96 76 29 PMS 282 C
Skyline Blue #244289 30 66 138 100 86 15 3 PMS 7687 C

The Denver Nuggets logo has changed a lot. It started simple with an orange ball and the word “Rockets” back in the ’60s when they were the Denver Rockets. When they became the Nuggets in ’74, they got this miner dude, Maxie, in the logo because Colorado had a big gold rush back in the day.

In the ’80s, they went wild with a rainbow and mountains, which was super colorful. Then in the ’90s, they calmed down with a more mountainy look and big bold “Nuggets” text.

The latest look they got in 2019 mixes old-school with new vibes, bringing back pickaxes and adding a sleek mountain on top of a basketball. The colors are navy blue for the Colorado sky and yellow for gold and winning.

So, the logo’s not just for style – it tells the Nuggets’ story, where they’re from, and what they’re about.

Nuggets Logo 1 Nuggets Logo 2